Buddy of Parents

Peace of mind when you need it

Discover peace of mind with BOP
Easy to setup, easier to use

Why Buddy of Parents?

When our loved ones face personal emergencies, prompt attention from professional services makes a difference.

BOP’s system and service solution design has effectively served thousands of seniors living alone since 2019. Originally deployed for government agencies only, we now introduce Buddy of Parents to benefit all consumers in Singapore.

BOP Button is simple to install, and even simpler to use. Just press the button and BOP Response Centre personnel shall attend to the activation by 4G voice intercom. Where needed, immediate call for ambulance/SCDF/police assistance shall be made.

While we may not be always at home with our loved ones, a single BOP service subscription provides peace of mind for 2 years.

BOP Button Service

BOP Buttons work with a 2-year service subscription that provides the services of BOP Response Centre and the BOP Mobile App.

BOP Response Centre

Manned 24/7 service.
Call-back upon BOP Button activation.
Ambulance/SCDF/police called if needed.
2-year BOP Service Subscription
Purchase BOP Service Subscription here

BOP Mobile App

Next-of-kin is notified.
Case reports available.
Supports multiple homes & BOP Buttons.
Included in BOP Service Subscription.

BOP Button

4G wireless
3 years battery life.
Easily installation on wall.
Works with BOP Response Centre
Purchase BOP Buttons here.

BOP Button

Designed for use in the bathroom, bedroom, living room or anywhere in a home, BOP Button can be easily installed on a wall for easy reach in times of personal emergencies. Multiple BOP Buttons can work at the same time within a home.

When the button is pressed, a voice prompt invites user to make a 10-second voice recording of the nature of emergency. BOP Response Centre will call back to determine the nature of assistance needed.

  • Voice call on Singtel’s 4G phone network.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Compact size: Ø90 mm x 38 mm height.
  • 3 years battery life.

BOP Response Centre

BOP Response Centre is a 24/7 manned service.

Our team of trained responders monitors every BOP Button activation.
  • Speak with Button users through calling back the BOP Button,
  • Call for ambulance service, SCDF or police support according to the nature of the emergency.

Every BOP Button activation is accounted for.
  • Information regarding each call is logged,
  • Registered next-of-kin are notified through the BOP Mobile App.


BOP Mobile App

The BOP Mobile App is how everyone can enjoy peace of mind knowing their elderly parents or loved ones are keeping well. If any emergency arises, there is that professional assistance is on the way.

  • Notification is received for every BOP Button activation event.
  • Each event report documents the date, time, nature of emergency and the action taken for that event.

Other features of the BOP Mobile App
  • Monitors multiple BOP Buttons per home.
  • Monitors multiple BOP Button end users.
  • Event notifications can be received by multiple next-of-kin.
  • Shop for BOP Button & BOP Service Subscription in-app.
  • iOS and Android phones supported.



Shipment begins: 15th July 2024
Service Subscription Date begins: BOP Button activation date

Original $200


BOP Service Subscription

BOP Service Subscription is a 24-month service contract for BOP Button, providing the services of BOP Response Centre and BOP Mobile App. Price  :  $20/month (24 months contract) Payment   :  Month 1 is paid upon Service Subscription purchase on this site.
   Month 2-24 payment is recurring monthly on the date of first BOP Button activation.
Product Price Quantity
BOP Button
A valid BOP Service Subscription is needed for every BOP Button.
BOP Service Subscription
Supports Up to 3 BOP Buttons per installation address.
$20.00 monthly x 24 months 1
Each Checkout is for 1 BOP Service Subscription. Please make another order for additional BOP Service Subscriptions.